Hi there! I’m a mess…

Hi there! Nice to meet you! Thanks for coming to my site. Also – I’m a fucking mess…

I started this site to give me a place to vent, to talk things through somewhere other than in my head, to help me get things off my chest that need to be said, and to piss and moan when I need to.

More importantly than that, this site is going to help me figure out how the fuck I’m going to pull my mess of a life together.

You see, the one rule I’m placing on myself on this site is that I can’t complain and whine without coming up with a solution on how I’m going to fix whatever it is that’s bugging me.

I also hope that anyone who finds this site finds comfort in knowing that other people are out there struggling and/or finds answers to problems they may be having as well.

Anyway, no rant today (don’t worry, its coming).

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